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Get Your Lawn Back In Shape with Apol's Landscape Cleanup Service

Sometimes Mother Nature gets in the way of maintaining a perfect lawn. The unpredictable weather in the Pacific Northwest means that your well-manicured landscape can turn into a debris field overnight. Fallen limbs and branches, piles of leaves, and other forms of detritus can present a cleanup challenge too large to handle on your own. Neglected lawns also pose many of the same problems.

Apol's lawn cleanup service allows you to leave the hard work to our professionals, so you can quickly return your property to its original condition. We will cut up and haul away large branches and limbs, bag all leaves and debris, and do the necessary trimming, pruning, and clipping that will return your landscape to its natural state.

Enjoy Reliable, Prompt Cleanup Service When It Matters Most

Quickly cleaning up your landscape after a storm is vital to the health of your grass, plants, and trees. For commercial property owners, the health and beauty of the landscape is just as important, as the appearance of neglect can adversely affect business.

At Apol's Landscape Maintenance, we pride ourselves on prompt, reliable service. When you call us to address your lawn cleanup needs, we act quickly to make your lawn and landscape look beautiful again. Reliability is the cornerstone of our business philosophy, and it's why we have so many clients taking advantage of our year-round full service landscape maintenance packages.

Experience More Than Just A Simple Cleanup - We Are A Full-Service Lawn Care Company

Trust Apol's With The Cleanup Of Your Lawn Or Commercial Property

Landscape cleanup can be laborious and time-consuming, but with our team of lawn care professionals on the job, you can expect fast, reliable results. In fact, there are a number of reasons why we remain the lawn care specialists of choice for so many discerning Seattle homeowners and property managers:

Avoid Further Damage to Your Landscape and Call Our Cleanup Professionals Today

When dealing with a storm-damaged or neglected lawn, it's important to clean up the debris and fully restore the grass, shrubs, trees, and plants to prime condition. Restore your lawn, and your pride, by contacting Apol's today.

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